How to Root HOMTOM S9 Plus

In this guide, we gonna show you How to Root Homtom S9 Plus. If you are the users of Homtom S9 Plus and want to root your device to enjoy additional features of Homtom S9 Plus. Rooting nowadays is very common, everyone roots their device to install the features which we get after rooting. Most of the users root their device just because of custom ROMs. After rooting your device you can install custom ROM on your device not only custom ROM but also you can flash the various flashable zip file. Root HOMTOM S9 Plus 

In this guide, we have shared each and every step on how to Root Homotom S9 Plus, all you have to do is just follow the steps written below. Root HOMTOM S9 Plus

DISCLAIMER is not responsible for any damage caused to your mobile during this process you have to do it at your own risk. don’t worry if you follow this guide carefully then nothing will go wrong


  • Make sure to backup your important data, apps, contacts, and messages. this process will delete all you data.
  • Make sure to first charge your mobile up to 60%.
  • This guide is only for Homotom S9 Plus.



Download Kingoroot


  • First of all, go to the playstore on your device.
  • Now search for the app kingroot.
  • Now download the app and wait until it gets install on your device.
  • Once it gets installed successfully on your device, tap on Start Root.
  • Wait until the process gets finished.
  • Done! You successfully rooted your Homtom S9 Plus

That’s how you can Root Homtom S9 Plus. If you have any queries related to this then please do ask in the comment section.

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  • JD

    hey Aadi,

    do you own a homtom s9, because i do and nothing can root this phone.. and trust me i have tried alot.. nothing works.. only 1 thing works for me is first to unlock the bootloader and OEM ( don’t tell me thats the same because on this phone it aint) and i need the OEM key for that.
    So if you can get that, i will tell you what to do.. because all root apps, apks, tools, commands, sdk doesn’t work..

    greetz Jeff

    • André E Lúcia Maciel

      Bro have you tested this way they say with kingRoot?

      • JD

        yes i did and it doesn’t work.. but i rooted the s9.. with Xn logo’s and the small image kitchen.. and some other tools to make it work.. This was the most difficult phone i ever rooted.. because their is nothing on the net about the s9 only where you can buy it.. but i love to puzzle and i did it.. big smile..

        • André E Lúcia Maciel

          Bro can you make a tutorial for me if is possible..I need to root this phone.

          • JD

            no problem mate.. give me a day.. because i have to find some links and some zips for ya but i promise ya i will.. (this site is yours right, i can mail ya) and its a dificult phone right.. pain in the ass..

          • André E Lúcia Maciel

            OK bro..thanks a lot..I I was you I make a YouTube video and put there becouse there is no tutorials how to root this phone.
            Send me an email ok.

          • JD

            i will.. its a promise..

  • André E Lúcia Maciel

    Someone tested with kingRoot?