How to add photos and videos to Instagram older than 24 hours

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since the start of the stories in Instagram . Instagram has even managed to not just update and complement the history of new options. People more or less figured out how this whole thing works, but begin to appear all new questions. One of them is that I’m asked most often: “How to upload a photo from the gallery or video to the History of Instagram.”

As you probably already noticed, Instagram allows you to upload a story only photos and videos taken in the past 24 hours . But there are situations when it is very well, you need to download a cool fotochku that has been done before. Do you agree?

Guys, I hasten to please you that Instagramu though it is not very much, but to do it is still possible ?How to do this, I will tell you in this article!


ATTENTION for those who came to learn how to upload photos or videos, which were made in less than 24 hours ago . You just need to come to the creation of stories and hold your finger down on the screen. Many will not immediately, so poke, as long as you do not open a tab with available for download photos and video.

For those who want to learn how to download multiple stories . You just need to download each photo or video separately. That is, click on the plus sign “Create a Story”, select a photo or video, and save dekoriruete. Come back to a plus sign and are doing the same action. Repeat as many times as possible, but, in my experience, more than 5-7 stories a day from one person, begin to irritate ?the exception, of course, if you add to that some really very interesting and original.

Let me remind you that this article talks about the old photos and video ( 24 hours ), which can only be downloaded in three ways outlined below.

So, we have three options for  how to do it:

  1. by screenshots (all, of course, only for photos);
  2. by changing the file meta-data (also photo only);
  3. through a special application called Storied For Instagram

Below I will talk about each of the methods in detail.

1. take screenshots photos

The fastest and easiest way to post an old photo in Instagram history – is to make it a screenshot. Thus, Instagram recognizes svezhesdelanny screenshot as a new photo, and will not resist its publication in the stories.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on different devices, I wrote here .

This method, unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks:

  • quality screenshots will be a little worse than the original photograph;
  • You will have to manually trim the extra fields from the screenshot, so it does not look like the picture on the screen.
  • method only works for photos. Video, of course, we can not zaskrinshotit.

And so, in general, when it is very necessary to get away and so ?

Go ahead!

2. Change the image’s metadata

In view of the fact that the history of Instagram, we can only upload photos and videos in the last 24 hours, it turns out that we can outsmart Instagram, simply by changing the shooting date.

Manually do this does not work, at least for iOS devices, so we have to resort to the help of special applications.

Plus, this method is that the picture remains the same as, unlike the image. The only disadvantage of this method is that we can not hold this “machination” for video. On the video the way, I will tell in the third method, so read on!

Two of the best apps that I could find for metadata changes are:

MetaTrixter – is a free application that will help to change the image’s metadata, including the date and geo , that is where the photo was taken. The last feature I use, when it is impossible to specify the usual way in Instagram, that photo was taken in a certain place.

Note that when you change the image’s metadata in MetaTrixter, it does not create a copy of the photo and edit the information in the original.

There is another application (this is only chargeable), which can change settings such as deeper view camera, shooting settings, and so on. D. It is called  ViewExif .

Photo Exif Editor as well as the application above, you can view and edit Exif data to your pictures. This application is a little more abruptly than MetaTrixter, as it allows you to change even data such as camera model, shooting settings and other information.

3. special application for photo and video

And the last option, which I personally like more than others – this app   Storied For the Instagram . Although it is paid (just 99 cents), but this app – the only option that allows one-click to change the date in the video, making it valid for publication in the stories of Instagram.

Be sure to look at how to use the application in my video, as many do not understand how it works and leave stupid comments in the appstore. The app works fine and I’m very happy that it I accidentally caught the eye.

Well, today I have everything! If this article was useful for you, please share it with friends and colleagues. It is important for me to know that my efforts to bring you a favor, so I will be glad to your comments, and repost Laika?