How to save a photo or video from Instagram in the phone (iOS and Android)

Greetings, friends! Have you ever had any desire to download the photo or video from Instagram to her on the phone (or tablet)? Someone, for example, has made a good shot, which is you and you really want to save this image, without straining the person requests to throw it in the mail? Or maybe you just liked some pictures and you want to add it to your piggy bank of ideas? You can certainly make a screenshot of the screen, but unnecessary details spoil all kind of pictures … (save a photo or video from Instagram)

In this article I will share with you links to the application with which you can very simply to save any photo or video gallery of your mobile device. After saving a photo or video itself, you can use them at your discretion: you can make a repost, mentioning the author’s photo in the description (do not forget to do it, otherwise may violate copyrights!), Or use photos for their own purposes. For example, I save photos to the gallery and organize them into albums such as the piggy bank of ideas, inspiration, wish card, and so on. D. (save a photo or video from Instagram)

Mini-retreat: Friends, many people asked about Fortress of Instagram to other social services. network, so I add this information here. For Crossposting from Instagram to other social services. network, including groups and Facebook pages, groups and VK Odnoklassniki, you can try the service, which does this automatically and saves a lot of time. (save a photo or video from Instagram)

Now, let’s look at using what applications we can use to download photos and videos from Instagram. Below you will find applications for mobile devices running on Android and of iOS, so just jump in your desired section.

IMPORTANT! You can not download pictures and video from closed profiles, as well as Instagram Direct!

How to save a photo or video from Instagram on Android

InstaSave Instagram Downloader (DStudio) Download Link

This is a free app that will help you quickly and easily download any photo or video from Instagram on your mobile device.

To download a photo, follow these three steps:

1. Open InstaSave application;
2. go to Instagram and click on the save link ( “Copy Share URL” if you have the English version of Instagram) on the photo or video you want to save;
3. To return to the InstaSave and click on the icon to download.

Instagram Download – Video & Photo (ZN Studio) → Download Link

This program works without logging in Instagram! You just need to copy the link to your favorite photos Instagram and insert it into the Insta Download. After that, the application will automatically download the file to yourself, much more you just save it to the gallery of your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can instantly share your photos (or videos) on your profile Instagram (t. E. Do repost) or in one of the soc. networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.


This app is for those who want to upload photos or videos one by one or in bulk. You can upload a photo in your profile or any other profile, if it is not hidden from the public. In other respects, it is quite normal application with standard repost functions.

Regrann (The Jared Company)

Regrann – This is a great app for the repost, but it knows how to save. This application is interesting in that it operates in the background (login is not needed!) And you do not need to leave the Instagram to make a repost. All you need to do – is to click on a link to copy Instagram, when you are viewing a photo, Regrann activated and will offer you one of the following options:

do repost; to repost another time; the photo or video gallery of your mobile device; share in one of the proposed social. networks.

What I still like this app – it’s the opportunity to do repost without watermark. The program automatically inserts the name of the author in the description to a photo. I think it is very convenient and does not spoil the picture itself, plus does not infringe the copyrights!

How to save a photo or video from Instagram on iOS


Applications that allow you to save photos and videos from Instagram, in fact, very, very much. I personally use InstaSave, although technically it is not the most simple application. I like it because I do repost any photos or video without watermark (paid option, but it’s worth it), but the most pleasant that I can save as many photos and videos as I want.

Many applications are based on coins / points that have to spend for each downloadable photos. In the same application, you can download without limits. I note only that one can download photos / videos at once, there are no jumps in bulk.

To work in the application do not need to sign that there is a very big plus. You just need to copy the link and paste the pictures in her InstaSave. Then you choose what you want to do next: repost or save the photo / video in the phone’s gallery. Another cool feature of this app – the ability to download videos from Vine (also a paid option).


Well, another application to save the photo / video from your mobile device to the gallery. By the way, this app can also save photos sent via Instagram Direct.

Application features:

1.preservation of photos and videos;
2.saving many photos and videos at the same time;
3.repost photos and video with a watermark or not; preservation of the directives;
5.the use of multiple Instagram profiles;
6.the opportunity to share a photo or video to other social services. networks;
search for users or hashtags.


Well, the last application that is able to do repost, saves photos and videos, plus through which you can Fallaway and anfollovit accounts. All other functions in the application are identical to the previous one. The only, Instagrab can not save the video (remember that the preservation and reposting videos banned Instagram rules, so this feature is your conscience).

That’s all, If you have any question regarding this, then feel free to drop your question in comment section below.