How to enable Fast Charging on any Android Mobile

Everyone want to make its mobile charging faster. and if you are one of them then you are landed at right place because in this tutorial we are going to show you how you can enable fast charging optn in your mobile phone. 

In everyone’s daily life it happens when we don’t have sufficient time to charge our mobile phone and sometimes this causes big trouble so nowadays every mobile phone comes with fast charging mode enabled but there are still some older device in which fast charging option are not available. fast charging is hardware setting so we can’t enable it but still there are some ways by which you can decrease the time for charging.

First of all let’s check if your mobile phone can support fast charging option or not 

  • Download Amepere App from [ Here
  • Connect your phone to charger.
  • If your value is more than 1000
  • then your mobile phone is fast charging.

How to make android fast charging

Method 1:-

Whenever you connect you phone to charge make sure to turn off your smartphone and then charge because when we open the android many apps automatically start running and they consumed a lots of battery which results in slow battery charge. so i recommend you to turn off your smartphone before charging.

Method 2:-

When you charge your smartphone make sure to disable wifi , data connection and other networks because they consumed a lots of battery and increase the charging time of your smartphone. so make sure to turn of these network and then your phone will charge faster.

Method 3:-

It is the main cause we mostly charge our mobile after using it a lot like playing games,using social sites for many hours and other activity they result in make your smartphone’s temperature high and in high temperature mobile will take a lots of time so move your phone to the room temperature. and always charge your mobile phone after removing the back case it will decrease the temperature and your phone will charge faster.
So these are the steps which we shared with you these are the genuine steps please follow all these three method and i am sure you will get the results.
Thank You.
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