List of Best Xposed Modules for Android LineageOS 14 or Android Nougat

If you recently installed Android Nougat on your device via LineageOS 14 or 14.1 custom ROM and now you are looking to expand the features even more. But you are confused which Xposed Module to try, so In this guide we gonna show you the list of some of the best Xposed Modules for Android Lineage OS 14 or Android Nougat. Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14

There are many Xposed modules on the internet but some of them are shit and full of advertisement and users face a lots of problem in using those Xposed modules. So, here we have shared only Genuine Xposed Module which you must try. Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14

If you don’t Know What is Xposed Module or you don’t know how to install Xposed module then read this guide very carefully.

What is Xposed Module

Xposed Modules are best for customizing your android mobile according to your need. Xposed may be a framework for modules which will modify the behavior of the system and apps while not touching any APKs. That’s nice as a result of it means modules will work for various versions and even ROMs with none changes (as long because the original code wasn’t modified too much). It’s additionally straightforward to undo. As all changes ar tired the memory, you only got to deactivate the module and restart to induce your original system back. There ar several alternative benefits, however here is simply one more: Multiple modules will do changes to constant a part of the system or app. With changed APKs, you to choose for one. No thanks to mix them, unless the author builds multiple APKs with completely different combos.

List of Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14 or Android Nougat

Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14

Advance Power Menu

Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14

We are listing Advance Power Menu as one of the best Xposed Module in our list as this Xposed Module is the oldest module available for Android. With this Xposed module, you’ll be able to add, take away and reorder item in power menu of your device. This mode is supported by all TouchWiz, AOSP, CM13 and Xperia ROMs.The module has an anti-stealing choice that protects your phone from thieves. It disables menu things from the lock screen and protects the menu things with passwords.

Download Advance Power Menu


We are listing greenify in our second best Xposed module list as this module will help you to save your battery percentage and also it will make your device lag free and super fast. This module put all those apps which are misbehaving and send them into hibernation mode.

Download Greenify


GravityBox Xposed module is very popular among the users and that’s why we are listing it in Top 3 best-xposed module, This Xposed module has an ability to customize the entire device OS according to the user’s choice. Sadly, this is the high-end Xposed Module so it only works with AOSP custom ROMs.

Download GravityBox

Network Speed Indicator

Through this Xposed module you’ll be able to monitor the speed of your net or WiFi affiliation right higher than on the highest of the standing bar.The module can show you the transfer and transfer speed you’re archaic the actual Wi-Fi or information network. The position, vogue and therefore the units will be designed creating the experience even higher.

Download Network Speed Indicator

Obb on SD

Module Obb on SD makes an attempt to create it seamless – simply enable module, bring up and move obb’s to SD card (to same folder: Android/obb) – that’s it. No got to enter any path or whitelist/blacklist any app. If you need to  move Obb from GTA? Then it will move that obb. Obb on SD can observe “obb on SD” and change hooks just for this single game.

Download Module Obb on SD

App Settings

App settings module will help you to change the settings of all the apps with a single click. if you need to change the particular setting of any apps then you can use app settings and then this app will help you to modify the settings of all the app without even touching them.

Download App Settings


Bootmanager Xposed module will help you to disable those apps which open whenever you boots your device. There are some apps which boots up whenver you bootup your device, using this xposed module you can exclude those apps and then it won’t boot and it will make your booting time a lot faster.

Download Bootmanager

YouTube AdAway

Youtube AdAway module will help you to remove all the Ads from the youtube video in one go.

Download YoutubeAdAway

If you have any queries related Best Xposed Modules for LineageOS 14 then to please ask in the comment section.