How to Fix has stopped Errors

Sometimes, things simply go as planned, smoothly, and everybody features a nice time. sadly, those times don’t seem to be invariably the case. For some, it’s quite the contrary as errors and problems build it unnecessarily tough for them to relish Google’s android platform. Today this article we’ll be exploring the “” errors and the way to repair them. (Fix

There are literally 2 similar errors which will appear. each relate to constant issue however they will are available one type or the opposite. just enough, each forms referrer to constant issue and area unit fairly similar in look, however it absolutely was price mentioning therefore nobody gets confused. The method this error will seem is either “ has stopped unexpectedly” or “Unfortunately the method has stopped”. (Fix

So We are providing three ways by which you can fix Error easily.

So Let’s get started.

Clear Cache

Now that we have a transparent understanding of that errors we have a tendency to ar concerning during this article, let’s go on and see however we are able to solve the difficulty at hand. For starters, you would like to do and fix it by clearing the cache. that app cache to clear? The app that you simply have noticed acting up or just the app that you simply tried to use after you got the error. The latter suggestion is that the simplest way of distinguishing the culprit.

Google Play Services

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Deleting your Google Play Services information isn’t attending to have an effect on your system drastically, though the name of it implies such ideology. What it’ll really do is evident your preferences for the platform. you’ll be able to do that by accessing the Apps section of your Settings and attending to Google Play Services. The page that comes then contains a Clear Cache choice.

App preferences

You could conjointly reset the preferences of all of your apps, not solely the Google Play Store services. this is often done from an equivalent Settings page, that homes the Apps>All section. confine mind that this won’t delete any information hold on for your phone’s apps, however just reset the settings for all of them. you’ll simply reconfigure your apps settings while not having to lose data.

So that’s were the three by which you can fix error.

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