Top 5 Best Custom ROM for Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon 2017

Redmi Note 3 is quite a popular device of 2016 and also it was the most sold mobile of 2016 because of its great specifications and hardware and also it was a budget smartphone.

Xiaomi typically released 2 variants of their redmi series phone and therefore the major and noticeable changes in each variant are that the Hardware. The Indian variant uses snapdragon and therefore the chines variant uses Mediatek. thanks to a huge support from developers the snapdragon variant invariably gets new custom ROMs time to time, recently a developer from xda unleash the android six.0 marshmallow custom ROM for Redmi note three snapdragon version.


LineageOS has recently released OS which is quite similar to CyanogenMod, it was formed when CM stopped their all services and development basically, Lineage is another CM and with this short, they also released unofficial Lineage 14.1 for Redmi Note 3. We always want to try something new, something amazing, you can try this ROM and can taste all new LineageOS on your Redmi Note 3 also it is based on Android 7.1 Nougat so you can also amazing new features of Android Nougat.

Download LineageOS for Redmi Note 3


Resurrection Remix is one in every of the foremost stable, frequently updated and clean type of ROMs, that additionally stands out through its options. The ROM allows you to personalise everything, from the lockscreen, notifications drawer to the navigation buttons and animations. alternative feature contains blackness dark theme, customizable notifications and a lot of. Ressurrection Remix may be a rom aimed toward people that need to tinker with each part within the interface. The ROM’s web site states clearly that it’s AN amalgam of options from alternative well-liked ROMs. the great news is that the ROM is supported on numerous android smartphones.

Download ResurrectionRemix for Redmi Note 3

Dirty Unicorns

I have been a good fan of the Dirty Unicorns ROM since its period, and once the ROM came for my device I couldn’t resist myself from flashing it. I actually have been twiddling with its latest version (10.4) Customization  can be the most reason I flash custom ROMs; I’m simply ne’er glad about the amount of customization offered on stock ROMs. sadly, I hit an equivalent barrier in most builds of CyanogenMod and alternative well-liked ROMs that select an easy, non-bloated route over a feature-packed one. Dirty Unicorns hits a pleasant sweet spot, though.

Download Dirty Unicorns for Redmi Note 3


XenonHD could be a quick and performance oriented ROM, because of its light-weight nature. along side the performance, the ROM doesn’t sacrifice on options further. It brings layers based mostly RRO theming, that enables you to theme your interface in step with your would like. The ROM brings a stock look however you’ll be able to customise everything as well as the status bar, notification drawer, buttons etc.

Download XenonHD for Redmi Note 3


Same based on cm 13 with android 6.0 and PAC-MAN Build working all feature with zero bugs.

Download PAC-MAN ROM for Redmi Note 3