Xiaomi new smartphone with ‘Bendable Screen’

As we know Xiaomi is chinese company which started making smartphone in July 2013 and it become much popular within 3 year now Xiaomi company got space with big smartphone company suchas Samsung , Sony , Apple. Earlier we discussed about Xiaomi Mi4. now xiaomi started making Bendable Screen  in their smartphone which is so cool. when we talk about smartphone technology Bandable and Foldable screen always get a mention. 
Many big company such as samsung and sony are also working on it but they didn’t able to make any yet may be they make in future. but Xiaomi did it a couple of photos and video has been leaked in which Bendable screen was in action and it was running Miui on it.
Xiaomi concept was spotted on Baidu and the smartphone can get bent towards backward , forward , left and right which is very innovative and this make this smartphone fully flexible. A report also said that this function would be available on upcoming Mi Note 2 but we are now sure yet so we can’t say anything. 
but if it is true then it will be a great development in terms of technology. Lg and samsung was also working on it but we can’t see any result yet. and if you watched this year tech world lenovo too showed off his foldable smartphone and tablet. and apple also said that they have been granted patient for device with bandable display. 
So According to our reports the bandable feature would be available in Xiaomi Note 2 and with this feature the price tag will be big it could be around 850$ and 57,000. this would be the most expensive Xiaomi phone yet.
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