Instagram Launched New Shopping Feature – Now Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is now going to launch its new shopping feature which mean it enable brands to share their product information to get maximum consumers to buy their products.

This test is only available to Apple’s Mobile phone owners in U.S that means that users can actually buy products from U.S based retailers from this app. it include 20 U.S based brands such as Fitch and J.Crew. the post will contain ‘tap to view’ option so that when people click on it they will get more information about it. The retailers will be showing upto five products in an Instagram post.

The main aim of it is to give brands more opportunity to share their products info with consumers without leaving Instagram and it also reduce the time because we do not have to leave instagram app to search products on other website. 
this test will run on organic post not on on promoted post so that instagram will not be able to make money from this feature during the trial. 

This feature will definitely beneficial for both company as well as users like us who love instagram a lot.