Windows 10 in 2017 – What to expect from Microsoft’s top software

Windows 10 in 2017 – What to expect from Microsoft’s top software

Microsoft’s software has gone from strength to strength in the year 2016, and the year 2017 promises to bring even more of it. Let’s see what’s coming up for Windows 10.

The latest software of Microsoft is currently installed on over 500 million devices all over the world and this will likely to grow in the year 2017. Microsoft Company is set to reveal the upgrades for Windows 10 this year.

Windows 10 Creators

After the success of the Windows 10 anniversary update, Microsoft announced the details of Windows 10 upgrade in October 2016. This will be a free upgrade and will get launched around April 2017. The update brings a lot of improvement and add-ons, especially for them who are in the design or media industries.

The large part of update revolves around the 3D systems that will allow its users to implement in their work. With 3D applications, Microsoft will also bring support for a 3D object to some of its most popular preinstalled applications. This includes the PowerPoint, where the users can easily add 3D models either created by them or from the library straight into the slides. Animated items can also be included to give users the more in-depth look and transitions that will let you zoom in on certain areas and will also allow you to mix 2D and 3D content.

Microsoft says Paint 3D will be the most advanced offerings till date, taking advantage of the Surface pen to let the users draw directly on the screen for the first time. Users can easily create 3D objects through mouse or Surface pen accessory before sharing online. There’s also a library drawn and edited of 3D shapes allowing models to be built such as the preview of a kitchen layout.

The update will make it easier and quicker to connect with your favorite contacts. There’s a new feature called Windows MyPeople that will allow the users to share the items like documents, pictures, and photos without opening number of applications. The update will place all the pictures of your selected contacts onto the toolbar from where you can easily drop and drag a file onto their icon to quickly share it.

MyPeople will also be the one stop for messaging and bringing all the apps together like Skype, SMS, Mail, etc. to make sure you never miss a message. Users can quickly reply through the app of their choice cutting the noise to make sure that you are always in there.

Microsoft is also announcing “Shoulder Taps,” little smileys or icons that you can send to them with whom you speak the most.

The update also set to make Cortana more intelligent than before. Windows 10 voice feature will be able to power internet things devices all around your home. This would be through the displays built in products like fridges, thermostats, or toasters.

Microsoft would then look to get Cortana resolved into these devices with Cortana picking on commands using microphones like Amazon’s Echo speaker. Microsoft is also working on a new Home Hub feature that will turn the supporting PCs into rivals for Google Home and Echo.

Microsoft appears to be laying down the groundwork with manufacturers partnering with Intel to get Cortana into new productions that will come with sound commands. Home Hub would create a login free desktop that will share the resources between family members including reminders and shopping lists.

This software would also help Windows 10 users control and synch home devices with voice commands. The friendly machines would be able to recognize the commands from a greater distance than standard laptops or desktops.

Redstone 3

The big launch, Redstone 3 is under the development already as Microsoft ensures its users to give benefits from the new services. This update will bring the improvement to the devices of Windows 10 as the company looks to get the software on many devices possible.

Surface Studio/Surface Book

Along with the two updates mentioned, Microsoft revealed two high computing devices in October. Surface Book i7 is the most powerful laptop of Microsoft yet that feature Intel’s latest Core processor and 32GB RAM but also promises 16 hours of battery life.

The book is joined by the Surface Studio, a device designed for the creative industry such as animation or design. Both the devices are designed to get most of the Windows 10 and especially the Creators Update which offers many creative themed services.

The launch of these products is a sign that Microsoft is fully improving and refreshing Windows 10.

Surface Phone

Along with the new computing devices, Microsoft is also looking that 2017 could also see the proper Windows 10 smartphone. Rumors of Surface Phone powered by a 64-bit version of Windows 10 have been raised in recent months as the expectation continues to build.

It’s also been hinted that the Surface Phone could be the ultimate mobile device. Continuum – ability to run a desktop PC on a large screen from a phone could bring a new productivity for the phone.

The capability to connect the Surface Phone to the keyboard, mouse and to break full desktop utilization like Office 2016 or Adobe Photoshop would be of interest to the business customers.

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