How to install Google Pixel Launcher On Xiaomi Mobiles running on Miui 8 or Above ( Step by Step Guide )

Recently Google released it’s two smartphone “Google Pixel” and “Google Pixel XL” they are very unique they have a lots of different features and changed icons. but those who can’t afford it, they can easily experience it’s new feature on some extent by downloading and installing Google Pixel Launcher which is available on play store. In MIUI 8 or above you might face some issue in setting up Pixel launcher because MIUI is customized version of Android.

So in this step by step guide we are going to tell you How to easily install and setup Google Pixel launcher on xiaomi’s device running Miui 8 or above and we will also tell you how to make it as your default launcher. this launcher will cover all the features of Google Pixel like Weather , Stock Android UI , Google Search Button , Wallpapers etc..

Note : It will not give you Features like Google Assistant and others main feature. 

If you want to install Google Assistant on any Android device then Click Here.

We’ve tested this feature on Xiaomi Mi 5 It was running Miui 8 and this worked perfectly so it will also work for other devices too without any problem.

So let’s get started.

  1. First of All Download Google Pixel Launcher From [ HERE
  2. Then go to google and search for Google Wallpaper Picker App or you can download the APK from [ HERE ]
  3. Then Download Google Pixel Round Icon Pack Also from [ HERE ]
  4. And also download Google Pixel Awesome Icon Pack From [ HERE ]

How To Make Google Pixel Launcher As Your Default launcher

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Installed Apps
  3. Then Default 
  4. Then Launcher
  5. Then Click On Pixel Launcher and make it your default.

How To Replace Normal Icon Pack With Pixel Icon Pack.

  1. Open the icon pack which you have downloaded ( Awesome icon Pack ) Then select pixel launcher 
  2. Then select another another  icon pack which u have download ( Round Icon Pack ). 
  3. Then Change the wallpaper also .
That’s all you have successfully installed Google pixel launcher on xiaomi device.
Stay tuned for more updates and tricks !