How to get Android Nougat 7.1 Features on your Android Device without Upgrading.

Android 7.1 is latest version of android and its name is ‘Nougat’. but bad news is it is currently available on some of the device like Google Pixel , Nexus 6p and some other nexus version of mobile. but that doesn’t mean that we guys can not experience it’s newly features. In this tutorial we are going to share with you tutorial of how to get Android Nougat Feature on your android device without upgrading. 

Here we are providing 4-steps by which you can experience the New android 7.1 on your android device.

So, without wasting time let’s get started

Step 1 )


If you have rooted mobile then you easily can get all the features of Android Nougat on your device all you have to do is download and install Android N-ify From [ HERE ] and to install exposed you have to go visit XDA Developers website and search there for your mobile phone model.

Step 2)


You can easily install Android Nougat launcher on your android device from play store it is available for free and it is for everyone with the help of this launcher you can experience the all new Android Nougat Features and look on your any android device. You can download the launcher from [HERE]

Step 3)

Nougat Style Notification bar

You can download Nougat style notification bar from [ HERE ] it is also known as Android N-Status Bar. with the help of this you can customize you notification bar as same as the nougat one.

Step 4)

Nougat Number Dialer and Calculator

From  [ HERE ]  you can download Nougat/pixel Dialer and calculator with the help of this you can get rid of your old version of Dialer and Calculator and you can replace your old one with the latest one.
So by following these way you can experience all new Android Nougat Feature on your any android device not matter how old it is.
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