Get the Pixel Launcher from Android O on any Android Device (Android O Pixel Launcher)

As you know guys that Android O developer previews is recently released for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5, and Google Pixel and Pixel XL. However the only far change we have noticed in the developer previews is scroll down menu, we are facing same scroll down menu since Android Lolipop but however, the condition is now somehow improved. Android O Pixel Launcher

There are still many features in the Android O developer preview, we haven’t tested Android O in our device so we don’t know much but now we can. XDA recognized contributor linuxct has shared the Pixel Launcher from Android O for every android device running Android Marshmallow or above.

If you are running on CyanogenMod or LineageOS then also this will work like charm all you need is Android Marshmallow on Android device. This launcher is still in testing mode so there may be some bug, but it will be fixed by time.Android O Pixel Launcher


Android O Pixel Launcher

How to Install Android O Pixel Launcher on any Android Device

  • Android O Pixel Launcher
  • The above launcher is registered with contributor’s own key so all you have to do is remove the previous version to install it. Placing it as a system app conjointly allows you Google currently within the left panel.
  • Second is that most of the days, the primary time you are trying to open the app it has to generate a file referred to as reflection.engine, that is needed by pixel Launcher. Since it does not exist, the app forcefully exits. provides it one minute and check out to open it, then it ought to be operating. (and if not, a log would be impressive )