The TOP 5 Products from Google in terms of Usage is discussed below

Google Products- What are these, how it is helpful?

A day without Internet would feel like we have travelled back to the past, where we are so primitive, we are left with a great void, absence of Information. Technology has developed to a stage where we started feeling Incomplete without it, our engineers strive to ease our life by creating path-breaking inventions. One of the most contributing company to the field of Internet-based technologies is GOOGLE. There is not a single day in our life that we don’t come across the term Google or the services they provide. The irony is to search the details about google we have to search on Google itself, How Interesting.

Many Engineers after clearing JEE Main and various other competitive exams secure seats in engineering colleges and upon completion through placements gets placements in companies like Google, Microsoft etc. The highest contributor google has over 60 products in the field of technology, software and hardware based.

Android Auto


Android OS


Android One Android Pay


Android Phone


Android Tablets


Android Wear


Calendar Cardboard


Chrome Web Store






Daydream View
















Google Alerts


Google Allo


Google Camera


Google Cast


Google Classroom


Google Cloud Print


Google Duo


Google Expeditions


Google Express


Google Fit


Google Flights


Google Fonts


Google Groups


Google Home


Google Messenger


Google Play


Google Play Apps


Google Play Games


Google Play Movies & TV


Google Play Music


Google Play Newsstand


Google Store


Google Wi-Fi


Google for Education






Inbox by Gmail










Pixel 2


Project Fi












Smart box




Tilt Brush












YouTube Gaming


YouTube Kids


YouTube TV




The TOP 5 Products from Google in terms of Usage is discussed below:

Google Search

A web-based service, the most used search engine in World Wide Web, you will find Information from UPTU Form 2018 to how to make a nuclear bomb. The order in which the results shown by Google is based on a rank system called page rank. Googles Success was largely due to a patented algorithm Page rank.


Even though it is not developed by Google, they acquired it on 2005. It now acts as one of Google holdings. It is the largest video sharing website which allows the user to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, comment, report or even subscribe to other uses.


Again, it is a subsidiary under google, it’s a free email service which is advertising supported. Started as beta service in 2004, its testing phase lasted for 5 years. Today the service offers 15gb of storage. Users are allowed to receive emails up to 50 MB including attachments, however, larger files can be send or received by inserting files from Google Drive

Google Chrome

A freeware web browser, first released in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows, later it was made compatible for Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android. Based on benchmark test google chrome performed faster than all other competitors including Safari, Firefox 3, IE 7, Opera. Its supports various extensions and themes.

Google Maps

A web mapping service offered by Google, it offers real-time satellite images and feeds of traffic conditions. It enables the user to plan and set routes for navigations. It comes with features such as street view, 360 panoramic views of streets.



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