How to Fix Super Mario Run ‘Support Code 804-5100’ Force Close Error (Fixed)

So if you guys have downloaded Super Mario Run on your Smartphone and you are facing ‘Support Code 804-5100′ Force Close Error then read out this article till the end as we are going to share the 100% fix solution of this error. Thousands of people complain me about this error even I myself faced this error and after a little research, I got its perfect solution which I am going to share right now. Support Code 804-5100’ Force Close Error

Most of the time this error pop up, when you played the game for several hours after this error you won’t be able to play the game. This solution will also fix the error of Nintendo account. We have shared full step by step guide on Super Mario Run Force Close Error Support Code 804-5100.

Note: The given steps will delete the save game so plan ahead before installing.

Support Code 804-5100' Force Close Error

How to fix Super Mario Run Force Close Error Support Code 804-5100 (non-rooted)

So if you are non-rooted users then you can follow the below steps.

1. Go to your mobile’s settings.

2. Then go to apps

3. Click on ‘Super Mario Run’

4. Force Stop it and clear the cache.

How to fix Super Mario Run Force Close Error Support Code 804-5100 (Rooted)

1. Now go to any file explorer app, if you haven’t downloaded any then download one. I recommend you to download ‘Es File Explorer’.

2. Now once you have downloaded and installed the ES File Explorer and grant the Root permission.

3. Remove the game from Background

4. Now, go to /data/data/

5. Delete deviceAccount:.xml and reboot your device.





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