Apple iphone 7 Accidentlly Catches fire and burn down car, Comparison with samsung galaxy note 7

In Australia an iphone 7 unit caught fire and burn down the owner’s car completely. there are comparison which are made with samsung galaxy Note 7.

If you closely look at this image then you will see some epidemic spreading among smartphone which causing them to catch fire and burst. recently an iphone 7 in Australia became the victim of this. An Australian surfing inspector’s iphone 7 allegedly catch the fire and burn down the whole vehicle completely. condition of the vehicle can be seen in the picture below.

As you can see the whole car got destroyed. Owner of that iphone 7 is Mat Jones who had left his iphone 7 among his clothes in his car he was away from the car and his iphone 7 because he was busy in teaching surfing lesson. when he came back to his car, he shocked to see his car with smoke.
here what he said to news reporter of 7News.

Ash was just coming out of my trousers which one once you wrapped open the trousers the iphone 7 was melting in it badly.

 He also said that his iphone 7 was just only 1 week old and he did n’t used any third party charger to charge his phone. there was no clue to find what cause the iphone to catch fire and explode. Apple is still investigating the matter and finding how the iphone got burned.

In Galaxy Note 7 Case there was manufacturing defect in separators which caused the diodes to come in contact with each other and which result in overheating of device. when samsung replaced it’s unit the things went from bad to worse. these replaced unit too start getting heat and catching fire and this smartphones are selling globally.

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