How to Install/Enable Official Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015

Hello, friends today in this guide I’ll be showing you How to install Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015. So if you are the users of Moto G3 2015 device then this article will help you to install google assistant on your Moto device. As you know official Google assistant is started rolling out for English users, we have full news guide HERE. Install Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015

So if you are interested in getting google assistant for your Moto G3 device, then read out this article carefully because this guide will help you to get google assistant on your device. Install Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015

Follow each and every step of this guide and you can get Google Assistant on your device. The best part of this guide is that you don’t have to root your device at all. Steps are very simple just follow them carefully. Install Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015

How to Install/Enable Official Google Assistant on Moto G3

Install Google Assistant on Moto G3 2015

Step 1) First of all you have to install latest Google Play Service, the main step of this guide is that you have to firstly install latest Google Play service on your device you can do this by going to playstore or download the APK file from HERE.

Step 2) After you have installed latest Google Play Service now it’s time to update/install latest Google App on your device, you can do this by going to play store search for ‘Google’ and update it or you can download the latest APK file from HERE (ARM 64), HERE (ARM)

Step 3) After you have done the above two steps it’s time to change the system language to English USA, as you know that official Google Assistant is rolling out only in English language country, you can change your system language by going to setting > Language and Input > Language and set the language to English.

If the above steps doesn’t work for you then follow this guide as well -> How to Officially Activate Google Assistant on Android Device Running Android Marshmallow or Nougat

Done !!

Now you have Google Assistant working on your device, if the above steps don’t work then you also can try by clearing the cache of your device. Make sure that you only can get Google Assistant if your device is running Marshmallow android version or above.


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